Flossing Teeth With Lumineers, With there Be Any Issues?

What are some of the issues when it comes to flossing with Lumineers? What is a recommended cleaning suggestion?

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Will there be problems flossing with lumineers?

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Lumineers, if placed properly, should be just like natural teeth and you should not be able to tell the difference. You would brush and floss just as you would your own teeth.  The only forseeable issue might be if the teeth they are covering are large and the lumineers have made them more bulky with less space to floss between. Make sure you see a reputable cosmetic dentist that has had great success with this procedure and look at his before and after photos to see if it is the look you want for your teeth and smile. 

Van Nuys Dentist

Flossing your Lumineers

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Lumineers or any porcelain veneer when properly placed and finished should brush and floss like healthy, normal teeth. It may be slightly more important to floss veneers regularly to protect your investment. Enjoy your new smile.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Flossing and Lumineers

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Flossing around Lumineers should be no different than flossing around teeth without Lumineers. The regimen for cleaning around Lumineers is identical to cleaning around natural teeth. Lumineers, if done properly, should be so natural that you would not give them a second thought in regards to feel and maintenance.

Good luck!

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