How often do patients Feel as if their Teeth Are Thicker after Lumineers?

How often is this just a factor of getting used to them? Do most people get used to the feeling of lumineers in a week or so?

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Lumineers, or non-prepped veneers are restorations done with little or no tooth removal. Naturally they are going to feel thicker because they are purely an additive procedure.  On patients with small teeth or spaces to be closed, they may be the procedure of choice.  In situations where the teeth are larger, protrude or require a change in color or position- Traditional veneers are more appropriate.

Lumineers are a good treatment alternative, but limited in the situation where they can be used. The Dentist must take in to account the additional size of the teeth, effect on the soft tissue and the final esthetic result in determining whether lumineers are the best option over laminate veneers.

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Do Lumineers make your teeth feel "thicker"?

Lumineers are wonderful on the right person with the right teeth.  If you have large teeth to begin with, and there was no reduction done to the teeth, you are going to feel large bulky teeth.  If you have small teeth with gaps in between, you are probably a perfect candidate for this procdure.  You have to do your homework.  Schedule consultations with two or more cosmetic dentists who do both no prep and regular veneers and see what would work best for you size teeth and your smile.

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Do patients feel their Teeth Are Thicker after Lumineers?

How often do patients feel their teeth are thicker after Lumineers? I would say almost always. But... whether they just notice it a little bit versus feel uncomfortable about it is a different question. 

Most aesthetic treatments (like a smile makeover, or teeth whitening) involve some level of inconvenience or minor changes. Most people who really want to make a change are willing to tolerate some extra thickness. 

Some patients who are very precise or very exacting will only be frustrated with Lumineers, as they will never really feel thin enough or natural enough.

Like any cosmetic dentistry procedure, really think through what you are expecting before you start. Make sure to express your central preferences and concerns to your cosmetic dentist before you begin. Great results start here. 

In this conversation both you and your cosmetic dentist will discover beforehand if you will be happy with the slight thickness of Lumineers. If you both decide that's right for you, then when you're done and you do notice some slight thickness, you won't be surprised.

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