Should I wait for filler to dissolve naturally or have it removed with Hyaluronidase? (photo)

I had my lips injected with juv 2 mos ago. My lips look great. He had to go higher on left upper lip bc my lips are assymetrical. Problem is that now the side with higher inject is pushing against my cheek when I smile creating a fold that has aged me! The other side looks fine tho. I don't want a permanent new wrinkle so should I have some filler removed on that one side? Or how long will it take to naturally dissolve? Will it go back to normal once it's gone or is this new fold permanent?:(

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Dissolving Juvederm

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Dear Adelaide781, I responded to your post of two days ago, but now having this picture available on your eight day old post it looks like it certainly is a result of your Juvederm. Unless you are prepared to live with that for the next four months, I would ask to have the hyaluronidase injected there, and that should get rid of it quite quickly. Certainly, I do not think you are going to have a permanent new wrinkle there, but it is a much more obvious mass effect than I expected from your other post. I hope this helps. Robert D. Wilcox, MD

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Dissolving Juvederm

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The great thing about hyaluronic acid products is that you can reverse most lumps, bumps and extra product that you do not like. Juvederm usually lasts 6-9 months, but has been known to last years in some individuals. I would recommend that you follow up with the doctor who injected you, and see if a small amount can be dissolved with hyaluronidase so you don't have excess product creating a skin fold. Alternatively, you can wait a month or two to see if it slowly improves and then make that decision.

Jordan C. Carqueville, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

How long does Juvederm last

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I will tell you that from these photos, I cannot see a difference at all. Comparative photos need to be taken in the same lighting and from the same angle. This is not helping me see your issue. But to answer your question, Juvederm can last up to a year. I've found that a single syringe particularly in the lips, will not last this long due to its rate of movement from talking, smiling, laughing, etc. Since there isn't a huge issue, I wouldn't tell you to dissolve it, but to just let it go away on its own. However, hyaluronidase can be used if you do want it gone right away.

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