What happens if I have my period on surgery day?

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Menstrual flow will not negatively impact your MM

If you frequently have severe PMS, you might feel more pelvic congestion after a MM and wish you could medicate with NSAIDs (Advil, Motrin, etc.) A minority of anesthesiologists feel that the rates of Post-op nausea and vomiting are slightly higher in women having breast implants while on their cycle, however my experience hasn't supported this.  Mostly, it's a logistical issue, which shouldn't affect your outcome.  Congrats & good luck!

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Menstrual Periods On The Day Of Surgery - Is There A Problem?

At the Mommy Makeover Institute of Hawaii, we do 9-15 procedures per week, and I have performed over 20,000 procedures (separate surgeries) in my career.  I have never concerned myself with whether a patient was having her period or not on the day of surgery, and I have not seen any increased bleeding or other problems related to the proximity of one's menstrual period with surgery.

From a technical point of view, we recommend our patients place a tampon in their vagina before surgery, the nurse removes the tampon at the end of surgery, and replaces it with a pad.  This prevents embarrassing leakage, and the removal of the tampon at the end of surgery decreases the chance of the well documented complications associated with forgotten tampons left in after surgery.  

Each patient has to make her decision in consultation with her Board Certified plastic surgeon with reference as to what to do if one's period falls on the day of surgery.  Personally, I see no problem technically or medically.

Period on surgery day

It shouldn't be a problem that you have your period. Just make sure to wear a pad rather than a tampon. You may feel a little more "out of it" after surgery just because most people tend to be a little more sensitive while they're on their period.
However, please let your surgeon know.


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Should be okay

It should be okay to proceed with your surgery, however you should ask your surgeon for their advice. Your recovery may be a little more troublesome.

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What happens if I have my period on surgery day?

Thank you for the question. Having your period on surgery day should not cause any problems whatsoever. Best wishes with your upcoming procedures.

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Menstrual Period on Surgery Day

Thank you for your question. This is not a big issue unless you are having vaginal surgery. Otherwise, just inform your surgeon and anesthesiologist, and they will decide if it is an issue. I hope this helps!

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What happens if I have my period on surgery day?

On occasion I have felt that some women may have a bit of extra bruising if on her period at the time of surgery, but generally see that it is not a major concern.

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