VI Peels Not Peeling?

I have had 4 VI peels since last Sept 2011. My last VI peels was on Sept 10, 2012. I had 4 layers of the peel and around the eyes. My skin peels very little. It is now day 6th and my eyes look very wrinkle and old, will it peel off eventually . I used raw Aloe vera plant on the second day of the peel on my face for 45 minutes to ease itchiness and redness, the nurse said that the Aloe canceled out the affect of the VI peel and that is why I don't really peel . Is that true?

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VI Peels Not Peeling?

Yes that is true, VI Peel is a great treatment but you will be sensative for a few days being itchy with dryness, I would reccomend using the moisturizer that was provided with the treatment, Using warm water or too much moisturizer can slow or stop the peel, of course using aloe vera will hydrate the skin and stop it as well. Best of luck

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Not peeling after a Vi Peel

It is unusual not to peel after a Vi Peel. This may happen if the very important at home steps of applying the retinoic acid and vitamin c at bedtime is not done. One does not see peeling as much sometimes with the moisturizer (one of the benefits) but this does not cancel the effects. Neither does the application of aloe vera.

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