What Would Cause Vertical Scars to Appear 2 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck?

2 weeks post 12/23/09 TT, vertical scars appeared ½ in. apart running from belly button to TT scar & extending above BB. Above BB not as deep & nearly gone. Below BB - 1/8 in. wide & white. PS said binder pinched skin causing scars. Binder was too big. Is that possible? What else could cause this? Do white scars like this fade completely? (photo attached)

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Strange pigment discoloration abdominoplasty incision (tummy tuck): Don't get a tan prior to tummy tuck

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There appears to be a rectangular dart in the pubic area that looks like a truncated w incision with an inverted rectangular tongue instead of an inverted V. Probably used because the surgeon could not completely transpose the umbilical wound to a strictly transverse pubic incision. There is a scar around the neo- umbilicus so I don’t think it is a min-tummy tuck. My guess is that you are normally a fair skinned individual with a dark tan and underwent epidermolysis from tension lines between the umbilicus and pubic incisions resulting in loss of pigment in the epidermal layer. Alternatively, if you had a spray tan this could be due to a similar loss of pigment in th top or abraded layer of the skin. This may be due aggravated by a loose fitting garment. Generally as your tan fades and epidermis recovers, the pgiment discrepancy should resolve and become less  

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