Vaser Shape Vs. Venus Freeze on Upper Arms?

Have cellulite & few inches of loose skin (batwings) on upper arms. Both procedures cost about the same for treatment pkg. Which procedure would give the best result as far as cellulite reduction and circumference size. Thank you!

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VASER or Venus Freeze

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Thank you for your question.  I use both and many other technologies successfully in my practice.  Without a full consultation it is difficult to say which of the many choices you would have, are best for you.  However, in most cases I recommend more than one device or treatment to effectively target the area.  

To remove excess fat and contour the arms, I might perform liposuction using the BodyTite device for example (this is just one of many liposuction devices I use). The radio frequency combined with the liposuction action will help to tighten the loose tissue.  Post liposuction I would recommend that my patient undergo maintenance treatments with the Venus Freeze, TiteFx,  SmoothShapes or one of my many other devices, to Enhance the tissue tightening effect of the surgery and to ensure the skin maintains it's contours.    Devices like the Venus Freeze do not use cold technology as stated above, they use radio frequency which is warm.   The heat is what causes controlled damage to the tissue allowing the body's natural healing response to occur Stimulating the fibroblasts to create more collagen and unravelling the elastic fibers. This makes your skin tighter and will address any laxity concerns you have.

The message here is to have an in person consultation with a cosmetic plastic surgeon and let them help you decide what treatment is best for you.  It's not just the device that matters when choosing a procedure to address your concerns, it's the hands and head that perform the treatment or procedure that will make the difference.

Venus Legacy

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We have had the Venus Freeze in the office for about 6 months now and the vast majority of patients have been very satisfied. We did however just upgrade to the newest Venus Concept machine, the Legacy. It builds on the technologies used in the Freeze machine and improves the results drastically. Energy is delivered more precisely and deeper for improved outcomes. In addition, the Legacy delivers a suction action to the tissue to physically disrupt fat cells and aid in volume reduction. We have been very impressed with the new Venus Legacy machine thus far.

Laser lipo, fat cooling for batwing arms

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Ultrasonic lipo (Vaser) is probably better  but not perfect.

Also consider surgical removal of the loose skin (arm lift).

Fat cooling (Venus Freeze) will not tighten the skin.

Vaser removes fat and tightens skin  a little.

But having inches of loose skin usually means surgery for a good result.

To my knowledge, nothing permanently corrects cellulite.

Any treatment that causes temporary swelling improves it - temporarily.

Best wishes.

VaserShape or LaserLipo for fat reduction & body contouring

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Hello MoChicago,


We use VASERShape in our practice for smoothing, fat reduction and temporary cellulite reduction.  The great benefit of VASERShape is that the results are immediate - even after 1 session.  CoolLipo or LaserLipo primarily removes fat and tightens the skin for a firmer appearance.  Without seeing you it is difficult to suggest any treatment however, if you are seeking cellulite redction and decreased size, CoolLipo may be a better option. 


Dr. Ritacca

Treatment of upper arms

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If photos were provided a better opinion could be given on what would be the most appropriate procedure to give you the best results.  For upper arm lipodystrophy, I sometimes recommend Smart Lipo.  The Smart Lipo will remove the fat and tighten the skin in one procedure.  This can easily be done in a surgeon's office under a local anesthesia, but does have some downtime when compared to the fat freezing procedures.  It will give a better more longer lasting result; however, and can treat some of the cellulite.  Cellulaze is the only FDA-approved minimially invasive procedure for the treatment of cellulite.  Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon that has experience with these procedures.

Vaser Shape Vs. Venus Freeze on Upper Arms

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I have had the Venus Freeze for about a year now. Many of my patients were doing Velashape on their arms, and all have switched to the Venus Freeze with much better results and more comfortable procedures.

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