I Have Fillers in my Naso Folds and Lip Lines and Cheekbones. Will The Venus Freeze Affect The Fillers?

I Have Fillers in my Naso Folds and Lip Lines and Cheekbones.  I Would Like to Do Venus Freeze for skin tightening. However, I am concerned that the high heat of the Venus will melt away the juvederm? Thanks

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Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze is a superficial radiofrequency treatment that does not penetrate deep under the skin.  It will not generate enough heat to ever "melt" a filler.  Just be aware during your VF treatment to tell the operator if your skin is feeling a little too warm.  All the best, and go for it. 
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Venus freeze and facial fillers

There are limited studies in the literature on the effects of radiofrequency and fillers. The one animal study that exists suggested no reduction in the filler volume, however an inflammatory response around the fillers (which would lead to increased collagen formation).

There are anecdotal reports of reduction in filler volume with other treatments such as deeper laser treatments.

The massaging action of the Venus freeze handpiece could, however,  help to smooth any palpable lumps or irregularities in the very early stages following filler injections if you have experienced these.


With no clear evidence available, it would be best to wait a few months following your filler injections.  The alternative option is to avoid the areas which have been filled, and apply the handpiece in the neck and jowl area and forehead. 

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