Working out After Vaser Liposuction?

I am considering vaser hi def liposuction and have several questions I hope someone out there can help me with. I am a bodybuilder and am wondering how long will it be before I can start to seriously lift weight again after the procedure?

Also, will body fat start to accumulate in other areas of my body to restore it to my "set-point" body fat percentage? I am currently at 8% body fat and just want to remove the fat around my abs and love handles, which is not that much. Thanks!

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To get the best outcome, need to resume exercise slowly

Hi there-

After removing any existing fat from the subcutaneous space, it is important to allow the skin to seal itself to the underlying muscle layer... if exercise is resumed too early, the movement will disrupt this healing process and you will not get the outcome you desire, or worse...

I usually recommend 3-4 weeks before exercise is permitted, and another week before vigorous exercise (heavy weights) would be allowed.

There is no reason to believe that your body will produce more fat cells, or that the remaining fat cells in other locations would enlarge in response to removal of fat cells from your problem areas. This does not happen, and is the basis for all liposuction- in other words, liposuction of any kind works because we know the body will not produce more fat cells.

VASER is a great tool, and the Hi Def technique has been very successful in my practice- I hope you get what you want!

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