Attaching Loose Skin to the Muscle After Vaser Lipo?

I had Vaser Liposuction about a year ago and my skin on my stomach still has not attached itself back to my abdominal muscles. Does anyone know why this might have happened? Is there any way to quicken the process? And lastly, can this be permanent?

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Loose Skin and Liposuction

Dear Mauryelle,

Liposuction merely removes the subcutaneous fat. While in some people SOME shrinkage of the overlying skin may be seen, the procedure is designed to sculpt and contour the fat under the skin.

An Abdominoplasty, on the other hand, is designed to tighten and flatten BOTH the tummy muscles and the anterior abdominal skin.

Although multiple modalities with seductive catchy names purport to safely and predicatbly shrink the tummy skin without surgery, the vast majority of Baord certified Plastic surgeons have found these claims to be exaggerated and most of us are still waiting for the machine that will really do it.

I agree that in your case, your healing is complete and it you wanted to achieve a tight tummy skin and more you may want to look into having an Abdominoplasty from a real Board certified Plastic surgeon.

Good Luck.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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What you have is permanent unless you get a tummy tuck

At a year out, you are fully healed and are seeing the result at its endpoint. There is nothing more you can do to improve the result unless you would consider a tummy tuck to remove the loose skin and tighten everything up.

Unfortunately, I expect your doctor should have predicted this before surgery and told you about this possibility. I wonder if they are a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or not. Frequently, non-plastic surgeons will "sell" a patient on liposuction because it is all they can offer but promise the kind of result a tummy tuck can provide but lipo won't.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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