Who is the Best Vaser Lipo Surgeon in Houston?

Also, I Have Been Quoted 6,150 for Upper, Lower Abdomen & Flanks in Houston. Is This Reasonable?

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Best vaser liposuction in Houston

I sure like to think that I am the best VASER liposuction surgeon in the state or even the country- but I suppose I am a bit biased...

In all seriousness, it is important when picking a surgeon for any procedure to check their credentials (board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery), be sure that not only are they board certified, but the majority if not all of their practice is cosmetic plastic surgery, and that you feel like you can have a good relationship with both the doctor and the staff.

Successful cosmetic plastic surgery is a team sport, and cooperation from patient, staff,, and surgeon all all necessary to have a seamless recovery with great results.

I hope this helps

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