What Do Most People Choose for Sedation with Vaser?

I have a couple of choices, a sedation pill or nitrous, or both. I was told if I had both that I would be out. I am not sure if I want to go that far. I have seen videos where patients appear to be totally awake. The doctors even had them sit up or stand during the procedure, so that they could make sure they didn't miss anything. I have to pay $75.00 per area for the nitrous. I have had nitrous at the dentist and it does not affect me that much. Thanks for your input.

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Liposuction and the Vaser Technique

I often perform Vaser liposuction combined with normal suction assisted lipectomy technique.  The advantage of the Vaser liposuction is that it uses ultrasonic energy to break down the fat to allow the surgeon to remove the fat more easily and less damage to the tissue area.  After using the Vaser for liposuction then I follow with the suction assisted liposuction technique to remove the fat.  

All procedures for liposuction are performed in a state certified facility in which I have a board certified anesthesiologist monitoring your vitals and you are not moving or uncomfortable during the procedure.  I think it  is important for you to do your homework with the doctors you visit and be concerned about the technique they are offering and why they are not using general anesthesia.  Most often this question can lead to the qualifications of the surgeon and if he/she has the necessary requirements to perform this technique and why not under general anesthesia.  Touch much local sedation can be very dangerous.   

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Nickled and Dimed Liposuction Anesthesia Sedation

Your cosmetic surgery procedure should be comfortable for you and efficient for your surgeon. Not all patients CAN be operated on with just Tumescent / local anesthesia with just a little Valium sedation - some require much more. The fact that you are being item charged and being offered Nitrous oxide, the first anesthetic ever used in the 1840's, leads me to believe you are doing your Liposuction "on the cheap" with a non-ABPS board certified Plastic surgeon. You really should assess the whole picture than just the cost of procedure and "anesthesia"

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Nitrous? for anesthesia

I personally prefer to have patients as comfortable as possible during surgery.  Nitrous?  I would rather have my anesthesiologist monitor the patient properly while I focus on giving them great results.

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Sedation options for lipo with VASER

There are a lot of misconceptions about anesthesia for liposuction. To begin with, the options and issues are the same whether it is VASER, laser, or neither. The fat is always infused with a numbing solution. If this is the only anesthesia provided it is called tumescent technique. In my opinion most patients will have a more comfortable experience with some sedation also. This can be in pill form, IV, or (rarely) nitrous. If it is anything more than a pill you should be monitored by a qualitfied anesthesia provider. To be completely out is general anesthesia, which would require more than some nitrous and a pill. Keep in mind that liposuction is surgery, and should always be done in an accredited surgical facility. Your safety is paramount.

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