I Had Vaser Lipo and Fat Transfer to the Butt - Lumps Won't Dissolve

About 7 weeks ago I had lipo and fat transfer to my buttock. It was great at first then a huge lump formed and I could hardly walk. I was put on steroids that didnt work then on antibiotics. I was then hospitalized for cellulitis and an abcess. The abcess was drained and I am feeling better physically but I still have a really big hard lump on my butt. My surgeon keeps telling me to give it more time and just to add heat compress. I think he is just giving me the run around. What should I do.

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Slim Lipo and Butt Augmentation

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The lump you are experiencing may represent an area of fat necrosis.  This may lessen overtime but if it persists surgical removal may be necessary.  Fat necrosis may occur for several reasons all involved around either trauma to the delicate fat cell or the blood supply (circulation) of this tissue (buttocks).  Slim Lipo uses ultrasonic energy  and that damages the fat cells.   In my practice I minimize the trauma to the fat cells to promote "take"  and we are moving to a self-contained fat processing method that minimizes the fat cell's exposure to the environment.

Dr. ES

Be Patient.... Your surgeon is probably correct!

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I have to agree.....
First of all, seven weeks is very early. Normally patients after this operation have swelling for about 2-3 months, often with the feeling of firmness or lumps for even longer....... and that's without an infection. The infection will likely prolong the healing course. But if what you are feeling is lumps from the swelling and inflammation, it will all go away. The only thing that would possibly persist, is if you have areas of "fat necrosis" ie:areas of fat that died.  But give it time and follow your surgeons recommendations.  What he is recommending is the right thing to do.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Healing after infection

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I'm sorry you're having a difficult postoperative course.  Having a serious infection after surgery, such as your cellulitis and abscess, means the healing process takes on a whole new course.  That firmness you feel is related to you recent infection and, your surgeon is right, it will take much longer to resolve than the rest of your treatment areas.  It may take months to fully soften.  Make sure you've seen your surgeon to be certain nothing else is going on--if it is just firmness related to recent infection, then time, massage, and heat should help.  Good luck!

Carmen Kavali, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Abscess after fat injections to the buttock

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Treatment of infections is serious and you need to follow-up with your doctor. If you don't improve satisfactorily, a consultation with an infectious disease expert might be worthwhile. You need to be seen and examined in person.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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