I got a LASIK surgery 6 months ago and now my vision is getting blurry. Any suggestions?

I went to the optometrist doctor to check my vision and they say i got asitigmasim on right eye with a prescription -0.25.However,2 days recently,the other eye is getting blurry.They gave me an eye drop because they said my eye is dry.However,when i was in my country,my vision is normal When i came to study abroad,1 months recently,it is getting worse.What can i do to improve my eye sight?or are there any possible solution.Becuase to be honest,i do not want to wear glasses again.

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Dry eyes causing blurry vision

From your symptoms, it sounds like you are suffering from dry eyes.  It is likely that the climate change from your move is affecting your eyes and vision.  I would recommend that you use preservative free artificial tears every 3-4 hours.  You can also consider taking omega 3 fish oil supplements and performing hot compresses twice a day.  A -0.25 diopter of astigmatism should not significantly blur your vision and therefore it is not likely that wearing glasses will solve your problems.  

San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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Vision is now blurry after Lasik

-0.25 is a very minor amount of astigmatism which by itself would not cause a sense of blurry vision. Dryness is the most likely reason for your blurriness. The environment you are now in may be very different from your home country. I would recommend Omega-3 fish oil pills 3 grams orally per day. It works wonders in most cases of dryness.

Andrew Caster, MD
Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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