Any Dr's who perform excision butt lift in butt crack?

Who else can do centerline butt lift in the butt crack? It's also called Saddle lift and performed by Dr Robert Ersek of Austin Texas. Thank you for your recommendation!
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Butt Lift Crease

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A butt lift may be performed utilizing several different incisions. Which technique used depends on the shape of the buttocks and the amount of loose skin if any. Lifts from the center of the butt/crease will pull the cheeks toward the midline.  Lifts from above the buttocks will lift them.  Lifts from the butt/thigh crease will remove skin and raise the thigh. Most patients elect to fill the buttocks with fat or implants to achieve the appearance of a lift.

Consumers are easily convinced by marketing that a practitioner performs a standard procedure that no one else does. 

Please consult in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to evaluate your condition and needs.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Butt lift

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Performing cosmetic surgery can be a challenge.  Our goal is to have optimal shape/contour with minimal scarring. There are underlying differences in body contour for every patient, and their goals are different as well. I believe the incision you described extends from the midline buttock crease and extends down onto the inner thigh.  This incision will cause tension across the buttock and thigh. This maneuver may help some thigh redundancy, but its hard to imagine how it will "lift" the buttock". In fact, I suspect the buttox will flatten a bit.  To gain projection of the buttock, you will need a lift, fat grafting, auto-augmentation, or a combination.  My recommendation for you is to list you goals in detail, and then visit a board certified plastic surgeon who can walk you through the process of surgical options. good luck

Any Dr's who perform excision butt lift in butt crack?

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If you're buttocks was shaped in such a way that removal of extra tissue from a gluteal crease incision would make it look better then it would make sense.  it would lift them though - just make them tighter.  

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