One breast bigger after breast implants?

I am 2.5 post opp and I'm wondering if I should be concerned that my left side is bigger then my right because the bigger implant was put in that side? I got 345cc in the left and 330cc in right under the muscle.

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Size, Shape and Position of Implants After Surgery

ASSYMETRY: The two breasts commonly heal quite differently. One breast may swell more, feel more uncomfortable, or have a different initial shape. After complete healing, they will be more similar and natural. You must have patience, but if this causes concern, ask questions of the doctor or the nursing staff.

SHAPE AND CONTOUR: The final shape of your breasts will start to look its best approximately three (3) months after surgery. It takes time for the skin and muscle to stretch and relax around the new implant. The breast will often look higher, firmer, and “less natural” in the first three (3) months. It can take up to a year to see your final result.

Now, if you find you are still waiting for everything to settle into place you should still not hesitate to visit your surgeon to have the area examined to make sure your questions and concerns are actually healing properly. Best of luck!

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One breast bigger after breast implants?

Although mild breast asymmetry is to be expected short and long term after breast augmentation surgery, if significant asymmetry is present, there is cause for concern.  Shortly after surgery, significant breast asymmetry may be a sign of a complication that requires the attention of your plastic surgeon.

  Generally, exactly what is causing the asymmetry will be best determined by your plastic surgeon, after physical examination.  Best to follow up with him/her for accurate assessment, advice, and/or meaningful reassurance. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with long-term.

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One breast bigger after breast implants?

Thank you for your question. Without some pictures or an in-person exam, it can be very hard for anyone to offer any sort of opinion regarding your results. When you say "2.5 post op" I assume you mean weeks? If so, you are still very early from surgery and there is still a significant amount of edema that will improve and more healing to take place. You will not be at your final result for likely 3 months or more. Also when considering your implants, there is only 15 ml of difference. To put that into perspective, that is 1 tablespoon, or 1/2 an ounce, so that difference is very small and not likely something that is going to be readily noticeable. Give it time and keep in touch with your surgeon. I think with time you will be pleased with the result. 

Best of luck!

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.

I would recommend consulting with your surgeon so they can perform a physical examination. You are still early in your recovery period and while there is swelling present, the breasts may appear uneven. Over the first 6-8 weeks the swelling should begin to resolve and the breasts will start to drop into their pockets and appear more natural and symmetrical. Everyone heals at different rates and one side may heal quicker than the other. I would wait until you are at least 6 months post op to make a final judgement on the symmetry of your breasts. Best of luck in your recovery.

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One breast bigger after breast implants?

Thank you for your question.

Without any photos, it is difficult for me to determine exactly why one of your breasts is larger than the other. In general, women commonly experience this for several months after surgery as the breasts are still swollen and have not dropped fully into place. 

I would recommend giving yourself approximately six months following your surgery before evaluating your final results. At that time, if you are still not pleased with the outcome of your breast augmentation, I would recommend visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if corrections are neccassary.

Best of luck to you!

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