Surgeon is ignoring my concerns?

2 months post breast augmentation subglandular. Surgeon & I spoke numerous times about going saline to correct the difference & even marked it breast on surgery. After I discovered he put the same amount in each! One is a B cup as the other is C. Surgeon brushes me off and says one is bigger laughing & rushes me out. I understand no two look the same but to not fill one more?! Is there anything I may say /do to get my surgeon to correct this without having to pay another $10,000?

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Unhappy with asymmetry and surgeons response.

If you are unhappy with your results due to asymmetry, have a frank discussion with your surgeon that this is not what you agreed upon and you want it corrected.  Unfortunately, you can not force someone to re operate so you may need to find a different board certified plastic surgeon and request an implant exchange so your symmetry is better.  As this is only exchanging one implant for a larger one, the cost should be much lower, as the surgery is much shorter.  Good luck.

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Breast lift with augmentation

It is possible to exchange the implants or alter the implants to get the results you expected. Swelling can persist for two years after surgery, so it is best to wait until the swelling is resolved. Also the Vectra # dimensional imaging machine maybe helpful to assess your volumetric difference. Mentor sizing system can be helpful as well. Good luck...

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Surgeon is ignoring my concerns?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. Obviously, online consultants will not be of much help to you when it comes to specific assessment (without photographs). Some general thoughts may be helpful to you.

You are correct in that no plastic surgeon is perfect and that poor decisions can be made.  Any surgeon who tells you that he/she has  not made poor decisions or has not had complications is either lying, delusional or has performed very little surgery.   In other words, despite best efforts,  unsatisfactory outcomes or complications can arise, without anyone being at fault.  

In cases where an unfavorable outcomes are present it is best for patients to discuss their concerns in a calm/constructive fashion; most plastic surgeons very much want their patients to be pleased and will do everything they can to improve outcomes.  On the other hand, an accusatory stance taken by a patient does not end up working out well for anybody involved.  For example, I would suggest avoiding using inflammatory term such as "botched"... Overall, staying emotionally even keel tends to be helpful in these cases.

When it comes to revisionary surgery costs, policies will vary: charges such as facility and/or anesthesia fees are quite customary in most practices.  Often, surgeons will reduce or waive fees.  I can tell you personally that I am much more likely to waive fees for patients who demonstrate an understanding of the circumstances as opposed to patients who expect "perfection" and approach the complication in an accusatory or faultfinding fashion.

 Again,  communicate your concerns in a calm/constructive fashion. Working together you will likely come up with a plan to achieve an outcome that you will be happier with. Best wishes for an outcome that you are pleased with long-term.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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