Is it safe to have a PRP facial if you are HIV positive?

Platet rich plasma where they take your blood and put in the face

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As long as your still able to heal after an injury, you can have PRP Therapy.
However if and when you have the PRP Treatment done you should be feeling your best and not sick. You will get better results when your not sick because your Platelet Count will be higher. There is another option, it is called a double spin, this is where you can have your blood spun down twice, this will ensure you get a higher Platelet count as well.
Contact a professional in your area.

Is it safe to have the Vampire Facelift (PRP W/ Microneedling)

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Thank you for sharing your question. If you are not experiencing any other problems other than HIV, PRP w/ Microneedling can be performed.
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In response to your question, if you still heal when you cut or injure yourself, you can have PRP therapy.

As long as your HIV is well managed and you don't have any other ongoing illness that your body is dealing with it'll be fine.

The treatment is all dependent on your platelet counts on the day so you want to have it done when you're feeling the best.


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