Does age have any impact on body contouring results?

27 year old, 5'3, 200 lb weight drop vs 40+ years old, 5'3, 200 lbs weight drop. If a person is younger, are their body contouring results better?

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Liposuction treatments and skin resiliency

Skin resiliency can dramatically influence liposuction results and that is why we recommend skin tightening lasers after liposuction. 

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Age and body contouring

Thank you for the thoughtful question.  Age can impact the results of body contouring, but the degree to which it has influence depends on the procedure being considered.  Age is one of many factors that can influence skin elasticity (along with genetics, sun exposure, tobacco use, weight fluctuation...).  Consequently, procedures that do not remove skin, and the quality of the result depends on the ability of the skin to retract,  such as liposuction, may be influenced by age.  Excisional procedures which remove redundant skin as part of body contouring, such as an abdominoplasty, may be less influenced by age.  Hope this is helpful!  

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Vaser 4D HI DEFINITION Good for All Ages

An expert can sculpt your body with Vaser 4D HI DEFINITION at any age. Skin laxity more than chronological age will determine ultimate results. Depending on skin quality you might need a skin-tightening procedure as well. Best, Dr. Emer

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Body contouring

Hello dear, thanks for your post and provided information as well. Surgical body contouring following your major weight loss can improve the shape and tone of your underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. In addition excess fat and skin are removed at the same time. Body contouring results in a more normal appearance with smoother contours. This can have an age impact but it will depend on each patients and depending too in the procedures being considered.I recommend to make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon. Your consultation is your time to ask the doctor about the procedure you’re considering, how he thinks it will work for you and any concerns you may have. We suggest you to go prepared with your questions on paper so you’re sure not to forget to ask the questions that are important to you. Good luck :)

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Thank you for your question.  Although age in general can have an effect on the results of liposculpture, it really depends on the specific patient.  Again in general, patients who are younger tend to have better skin elasticity and therefore benefit most from the procedure.

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Does age have any impact on body contouring results?

One of the key components of any cosmetic surgery, is the quality of the skin.  There are many things that affect this, the main one being genetics.  Some people are blessed with better skin quality than others.  Having said that, all things being equal, younger skin should have better elasticity and thus you could expect better contouring results. Staying away from things like tobacco, sun exposure, and and a lot of weight gain and weight loss will help.

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The contribution of AGE in Weight Loss and Body Contouring

When it comes to MOST things in life, being younger (physiologocally and mentally) is better than being old.

Younger skin usually heals faster and better than old skin.

But as much as we may WANT to be younger, we have to play the hand that is dealt to us rather than engage in unrealistic wishful thinking. What you can do is seriously make your body as young as you can by eating properly, staying away from damaging habits and by exercising.

As surgeons we have all seen the overly tanned skin of a young smoker and we would much prefer to operate on a older, wiser and healthier person.

Good Luck.

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Liposculpture and age

Anytime fat reduction or removal is performed the quality of the skin in area will impact the results.  Youthful skin has more elasticity and should do better.

Does age have any impact on body contouring results

Although the chronologic age itself does not relate to results from liposculpture, in general, one who is younger will have more elastic skin. If one's skin is more elastic it tends to conform better after liposuction. That said I have seen plenty of 50-year-old patients who have beautiful skin for liposuction and have seen plenty of 30-year-old patients with unsuitable skin.

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Age and body contouring

Thank you for your question.
Very good question, but the answer is not that simple.  
1. it depends where the fat has accumulated is it visceral or peripheral fat
2. depends on the quality of the skin
 ie. does the patient have stretch marks, has the patient had kids,  does the patient have a history of weight fluctuation,   sun damage, ethnic background There are other factor that have to be assessed during an examination.
I have seen 40 year old patients that have no stretch marks and good quality of skin, who would be  a better patient for lipo body contouring than a 27 year old who might have had 2 kids with an abundant of stretch marks.
But there are other body contouring procedure such as tummy tuck or body lift depending on the patients need.

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