Upper Eyelid Swelling After Using Botox

I had botox in my forehead & around eyes for the 1st time. Within a few days,when I get up in the morning my upper eyelids are severely swollen over my lower lids so can't even see lower lid;lower lid is never swollen.Heat makes swelling go down within a few hours.Dermotologist said wasn't botox.I've also been to ENT & Ophthalmologist & no one knows what is causing & its been 4 months. This is causing a crease in my eyes & stretching skin.If I sleep sitting up they do not swell.Did botox cause?

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Botulinum Toxin (Dysport and Botox) and laying down can produce more eyelid swelling than usual

Muscles can act as fluid pumps and they accomplish this goal in the legs. That is why your ankles swell with prolonged swelling. To some degree the same happens with your forehead and peri-orbital region. With profound muscle denervation, the fluid can accumulate particulary with your head in the supine position.  Generally this effect should dissipate as the Botulinum Toxin (Dysport and Botox) wears off.

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Swelling in eye lids

Swelling of the eyelids in the morning is more than likely not related to the Botox.  Botox can drop the eyebrow and even the eyelid but usually this is noted when you sit-up or stand.  You  may want to pursue a medical work-up to get a general physical.  It can also be allergies to name just one possible cause. 

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Botox probably did not cause eyelid swelling

At 4 months most negative effects of Botox would disappear. If the Botox caused drooping of the eyebrows and heavy eyelids presenting as puffy lids, then you would expect it worse after sitting up from gravity's effect and yours gets better. Swelling after morning awakening when the head is flatter usually means fluid swelling related to allergies, sinuses, low protein in the blood, heart failure and other systemic issues. See an internist for a full evaluation.

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