In pounds how much would 2 - 295 implants weigh?

Out of curiosity for a daily weigher about to have surgery tomorrow - thanks :-)

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In pounds how much would 2 - 295 implants weigh? = 295 cc = 295g so, 295g x2 =590g = 1.3 lb (pounds)

cc of volume is approximately equal to grams of weight. therefore:
= 295 cc = 295g so, 295g  x2 =590g = 1.3 lb (pounds)

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Weight of Two 295 cc implants = 1.3 to 1.4 pounds

Thank you for your question!

If the implant you consider is a saline implant, then using the density of the 0.9% saline used to fill the implant and using the weight of the implant shell of 12 grams, we can do a simple calculation.

(295 cc x 1.005 grams/cc) + 12 grams = 308.475 grams

When we multiply this by 2, we get 616.95 grams.

In pounds, this converts into 1.36 lbs.

Similar calculation for silicone implants using the density of 0.98 grams/cc follows:
(295 cc x 0.98 grams/cc) x 2 = 578.2 grams

Note that we did not include implant shell as this is approximated with silicone density.

When this is converted into pounds, the weight converts to 1.27 lbs

So a silicone implant weighs a bit less, but the difference is negligible.

So you will just have an extra pound.

Best of luck!

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