Is needle mesotherapy FDA approved? (Photos)

I have horrible hereditary under eye bags, I want them removed but surgery is expensive and my last resort. I have read up on needle mesotherapy and I am very interested in whether this can help me with my problem. I can't find any where whether mesotherapy is FDA approved yet, as I know based on research it wasn't in 2008. If anyone has an suggestions for what I can do to get rid of these bags I would be forever grateful and as much information of mesotherapy as possible!! Thank you!

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Eye bags

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Thank you for the picture.  I believe you should look at a couple of things for eyebags - either lasers for skin tightening or lower blephs by a board certified plastic surgeon.  In my practice,we use Titan eyes to help shrink and tighten the tissue around the eyes.  It works amazing and our patients are happy with the results.

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