Traveling for Surgery/Forehead Reduction and/or Hairline Lowering?

I can't find any surgeons in my area that do hairline lowering and/or forehead reduction surgery. Is my best bet to travel outside of where I live & get it done there? If so, how long would you recommend staying in the area before heading back home?

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Forehead reduction

Forehead reduction surgery comes in two types, the first is a surgical procedure that gives you same day results, not the best for me and for women who have receded corner hairlines as well,  The second is a hair transplant that takes 6-7 months to see. On my website, there are great pictures of hair transplant lowering procedures in women in our gallery on our website. We offer a travel reimbursement program. I wrote the book on hairline design whhich I have put into the seb reference below

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Traveling for Hairline Lowering/Forehead Reduction

Forehead reduction surgery is safe and straightforward if done by surgeon experience in this procedure. I ask patients from other parts of the world to stay in town until the bandage is removed on the 2nd day after the operation. Some prefer to stay until sutures are removed on the 6th day.

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Travel for hairline surgery

The vast majority of my hairline lowering/forehead reduction patients are from outside the area. Some have traveled more than half way around the world. They stay in the immediate area a minimum of 2 nights (the night before and the night after surgery).  Many fly home the day after surgery after I see them, and we arrange for a local doctor to remove sutures a week later. Otherwise , I recommend they stay and have a vacation in the beautiful San Francisco'  Bay Area and have me or my staff remove sutures after a week.

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If there are no doctors who specialize in forehead reduction near where you live, it is in your interest to travel to

If there are no doctors who specialize in forehead reduction near where you live, it is in your interest to travel to find the right doctor.  Each doctor have different recommendations on post operative care.  For hair transplant hair line lowering you can expect to stay two nights.  (One night before surgery,  one night the day of surgery, and travel/fly back home the day after surgery.)

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