How easy is it to hide the fact you've had Vaser & are healing?

Hello. I'm looking at having vaser (I'm already athletic & lean) but would like my midsection to have some definition, my waist to be smaller & also my thighs reduced slightly (I've always been a pear shape). How easy is it to hide the fact I've had Vaser whilst healing please? Will I look odd/bulky wearing compression garments & the board under normal clothes? Will I be able to move around freely a few days post-procedure or will I be walking around like the tin man? Many thanks in advance

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Vaser lipo

Dear Ashley

Thank you for your question.

This is an issue I have come across many times over many years - usually when a patient needs to hide the procedure from their partner or colleagues.

There are good compression garments now that allow this, we often do a fitting 2 weeks before the treatment to be sure it will work for the patient.

Most good clinics will supply you with a good quality garment - this is crucial if you want a result.

Kind Regards

Dr Dinesh Maini

Zenith Cosmetic Clinics

London Physician
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Garment after vaser liposuction

The garment is easy to hide but the board maybe difficult to hide if you wear tight clothes. The board is important for reducing the dents in the tummy that can be caused by sitting for prolong periods. I advise the board for a minimum of 10 days but ideally 3  weeks. You don't need the board if you are not having your tummy done. You may feel restricted in the first 1-2 weeks but after that movement is back to normal.  I hope this helps. 

Joseph Ajaka, MD, MBBS
Sydney Physician
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