Are bbls dangerous?

Hi I am getting a bbl in a couple of months and starting to get nervous, how dangerous are bbl's and has it ever resulted in death, what is the likely hood? What do you recommend to calm my nerves?

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Is it safe?

The answer is - it depends.  recent plastic surgery survey statistics  suggest the death rate from this operation is much higher than previously expected.  The cause of mortality is most often Fat Embolism- fat that gets injected and enters the bloodstream, blocking the blood flow through the lungs and heart.

You should choose a surgeon who has performed this procedure thousands of times without this complication.

i have attached a webpage for you.

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Are BBL's dangerous?

I understand that you are nervous about a BBL simply because you've never had one. It you are otherwise in excellent health then this should be a safe procedure. To illustrate this point, you're probably not nervous when you drive a car yet are not worried about the possibility of crashing. That is because it is not a new experience and the likelihood is very low.

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BBL Safety

Thank you very much for your question. The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can be performed safely, with few chances for complications. However, you must choose an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon to perform your BBL, otherwise the chances for potentially dangerous complications will dramatically increase. Schedule an in-person consultation with an experienced BBL surgeon in your area to find out more about this procedure and to determine if it is right for your individual situation.

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Are bbls dangerous?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... Every surgical procedure has it's own risks that has to be discussed with your board certified plastic surgeon, the most common dangerous risk about this procedure is fat necrosis, when the patient reject the fat that is injected.

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Brazilian Butt Lifts and Complications

Sadly, there have been deaths associated with patients who are undergoing or recently have had a BBL.  That being said, there are doctors who have performed hundreds of these procedures without significant complications including death.  This means you need to do your homework.  Make sure the surgeon you choose is a board certified plastic surgeon and one who has performed this procedure successfully many times.  Ask about their complications and their results.  You, as a patient, need to be your on advocate and do your research.  If you find the right doctor, you are in good hands and if complications do occur, they will manage them correctly.  Best of luck.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

How safe is the Brazilian butt lift, and what are the risks?

Every type of surgery has associated risks and complications. I perform multiple Brazilian butt lifts every week, and the complication rates are very low. Overall, the procedure is safe and effective. Please do your research and find a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience.

Hope this helps,

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