What are all the pre-op tests you need before having a BBL?

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What are all the pre-op tests you need before having a BBL?

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Blood work















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Pre-operative examinations

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Blood tests are frequently drawn before surgery. This is done for a
number of reasons,  to examine your general state of health or to
determine if any signs of Infection are present.

Common Blood Test Before Surgery 

-Basic Metabolic , -Complete CBC ,- PT/INR, -APTT, -HIV, -HCG, -EKG

If you are over 40 years or if you have any Medical Condition such as Asthma, Thyroid, Diabetes or any Other you will need a Chest x-ray and Medical Clearance from you Primary Physician.


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What are all the pre-op tests you need before having a BBL?

Pre op tests usually include blood test.  There might be additional tests like EKG dependent on your health history and age. Good luck.

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Preop tests

Each doctor may have different requirements for blood tests, and this might vary based upon you overall medical history,

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Pre op tests for BBL

As per any other surgical procedure , you will be required CBC and other  blood tests like glucose levels , Bun , Creatinine , Ast , Alt , coagulation tests , viral tests , urine test , chest X ray and cardiologist evaluation.( each doctor has their own routine ). 

it is important that all your parameters are normal , since this is an elective surgery. 

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