Ultra High Profile Implant Compared to High Profile Implant?

Hi my current breast implants now are 590cc ultra high profile they look like a B cup to me clothe. I plan on going bigger possibly 800cc high profile. Will I see a dramatic difference in size, also will this bring me to a D cup or will 700cc high profile implant do. Also, how much more will the high profile project to the front as well as side view from the ultra high profile?

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Ultra High Profile vs. High Profile Implants

The first comment I would like to make is that a 590cc implant is a very large implant for most patients.  I am a little surprised that you are only a B cup as a result of the 590cc implants.  For most patients a 590cc implant will push them into the D cup range depending on what they had to begin with and their chest dimensions.  If you truly are a B cup and you wish to be a D cup, increasing your implants from 590cc to 700cc would typically not be a big enough jump in size to make you 2 cup sizes bigger.  The 800cc implant may get you closer to your goal of jumping 2 cup sizes.  Do try to keep in mind that larger implants are also heavier and will tend to make your breasts sag more and bottom out more over time as well as causing more atrophy of your native breast tissue and thinning out of your breast skin, and this effect is usually irreversible.

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Larger Implant

I personally don't like the ultra high implant. They have such a narrow base width that the breast tends to look unnatural and too pointy.  I suspect a moderate plus implant will give you better cleavage and the breast will fill cups better because its wider.  In terms of volume an increase to 700 is only about a 15% increase over your current size.  If you are looking for a bigger change you may want to go bigger.  I lay the various implants out on a counter for my patients so they can compare

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590 cc Implants and Only B cup

  In general, a 590 cc implant would increase a woman about 3 cups.  Therefore, an A would become a D.  If you are a B with this implant, I would have to examine you before making any recommendations.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Breast implants

No one is going to be able to give you advice in this setting, because it is impossible to believe a 590cc implant would result in only a B cup. You need to be seen and examined in order to get an answer to your question.

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Ultra-high profile vs high profile implants

As the profiles or projections of the implants increase the base widths decrease. That said for cosmetic purposes, going above the high profile is usually not necessary. As for the size or volume of implant would, that would ultimately be chosen by your measurements and skin quality. 

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High profile implants

Hi! Thank you for your question.

Certainly a 700cc implant is big when you consider the average implant size is closer to 350cc. You’re currently wearing a 590cc implant, and if you wish to go larger then at least 150cc to 200cc will be needed to make a visible difference. Though 700cc is big, it might be right for you.

What needs to be considered is the elasticity of your tissues, or how much your skin will stretch. Patients with very tight, thick tissues will tend to compress the implant more, making it look smaller. Patients with looser tissues will stretch more, allowing the implant to look larger.

High profile breast implants will have greater projection and less width for a given size compared to a moderate profile which is broader and less projecting.  The style that would be most appropriate for you would depend on many factors including your chest width, amount of breast tissue present, the ultimate size, projection, shape, cleavage, and overall appearance that you desire.

It is better to go visit your board certified plastic surgeon and discuss what your expectations are in terms of cup size.

I have provided a link below for additional information as well as a lot of before and after pictures.

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Best of luck and have a great day!
Dr. Speron

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