Am Currently 120 Pounds with 450cc Submuscular Silicone, Infram Implants. Would It Be Okay to Increase This to 650cc Eventually?

I underwent breast augmentation surgery 6 weeks ago, and though I am very happy with the size, I would not mind going bigger. I am currently 120 pounds and 5'4.5. I started off a 32AAA, and was completely flat chested without a crease. I have been measured as a 32D, but look more like a mid C. I am young with no children or sagging. I do not mind looking slightly fake. My BWD is 13 or 13.5. Could I eventually receive 600 or 650cc implants? I actually look very natural now. Talented surgeon.

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Wanting to go larger with implants

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There is absolutely no limit to how big you can make a breast.  The problem is that you increase the risks of complications related to stretch deformities. If you like the shape you have then be satisfied that your surgeon did a fine job and you look great.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Psychological cycle of the implant

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Many women who have breast augmentation face what you are going through right now.  I call this the "psychological cycle of the implant" and it takes some time to go through it completely. Initially, the implants sit up high on the chest (especially those placed under the muscle). A woman wakes up from surgery and second guesses the decision to have breast augmentation, sometimes even feeling the surgeon went too large. Then over the next few weeks to month, the  implants settle a bit. During this time, the patient gets used to seeing the implants in  a larger appearing higher position. When the implants settle, the reaction becomes one of minor disappointment and questioning of "did I go big enough" or wanting to increase the size. Then, after a little more time (several weeks to month), the patient again "gets used" to the size and shape of the implant and now realizes (hopefully) that the surgeon did indeed choose the right size for her body.  Hopefully, that happiness continues and no further surgery is desired. So I would give it at least 2-3 months from surgery to give yourself the chance to make it through the psychological cycle of the implant.  Good luck. 

450 cc Implants Increased to 650 cc Implants

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   6 weeks following breast augmentation, you should continue to heal for at least 3 to 6 months.  Going up 200 cc may be reasonable based upon chest wall measurements, but you should understand the associated risks with larger implants.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Increase breast augmentation volume

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You may very well be able to enlarge your implants  but you should wait at least 6 months before considering larger implants.  Remember larger implants may have more problems than smaller ones.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Can I go bigger?

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Hi AlexD,


This is a question I am asked all the time. Since you are just 6 weeks out, you need to be patient and let things settle down and heal. Every time you go under the knife, no matter how careful we are, there are always possible risks and complications. If you look great and you like your look, the safer answer is to keep what you have and enjoy the moment. 


As a rule, i do not recommend to my patients to change their implants for at least a year after surgery. By that time, most ( not all ) patients will be comfortable with the results and no longer desire the change in size thus saving them cost and risks of additional breast surgery. 


Hope that helps. 


Bennett Yang, MD
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Bennett Yang, MD
Rockville Plastic Surgeon
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Would It Be Okay to Increase This to 650cc

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It would be possible using full profile (extra high profile) implants to approach that size without using an implant wider than your stated breast width. You may think the size looks good for a while, but an implant that large will probably have harmful long term effects on your breast tissue and cause regrets, and great expense in the future. 

I would strongly recommend not doing this, and at least waiting for the current implants to settle and then decide. 

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Changing to Larger Breast Implant Size

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Can you go to 650cc implants? Yes. Should you? To be determined. I would give yourself sufficient time to adjust to your new breast size and see how you feel about as you have had more time to adapt to them. Six weeks is a very short time after surgery to really know how you feel about your new body image.. Six months would be a better time period in which to make that assessment.

Breast Implant sizes- is it worth stretching the limit?

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Although it is possible to go to 650 cc or larger implants in your case, I personally will recommend against it.  Such a size will stretch and thin out your muscles.  Skin will stretch beyond repair.  In long run you would land up harming your tissues quite irreversibly.

One less talked fact is that submuscular implants also compress your ribs and cause permanant indents on the ribs from their sheer pressure on them.  Don't go beyond what you have now.  It seems to be a balanced size for your frame. Keep it that way.

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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