Ultherapy Vs Accent Laser?

Is Ultherapy better than Accent Laser treatment? What are the basic prices of each one? Are there other machines that are better than those produced by Ulthera?

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Ultherapy uses HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) and Accent uses bipolar and unipolar RF energy

Unipolar and Bipolar technology using RF is used to tighten 'skin structures' with Accent Dual Layer Radiotherapy.

Ultherapy was the first 'out of the box' device that started this field of non surgical skin tightening and it has a nice track record. It uses high intensity focused ultrasound.

Neither Ultherapy nor Accent are lasers. One uses HIFU (ultrasound) and Accent uses Radiofrequency energy. 

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Ultherapy versus Accent "laser"

Ulthera is an ultrasound technology, and Accent is a radiofrequency technology. (Neither is a laser in the actual definition of laser.) I offer both Ulthera and Accent treatments in my offices, and I make recommendations between the two based on what the patient wants to achieve, and with how many treatments. The Ulthera is considered a one-time only treatment, with results best seen at 3 months. The Accent requires a series of treatments, every 2-3 weeks for 5-6 sessions for best results. Not all patients are good candidates. Also, even if a patient is a good candidate for a treatment, if the results they want are not achievable with a given technology, I don't recommend it. There is no standard cost, because it depend on many factors. An individual Ulthera is more expensive than an individual Accent treatment, but Ulthera also requires less treatments, so may be cheaper for total cost. For Ulthera, the cost for either one depends on how many areas you are treating, and how many different depths you are treating, to effectively tighten and lift and tone an area. For Accent, it depends on how many areas, and you can choose skin tightening or volume reduction or both.

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Ulthera works differently than lasers

Ultherapy uses highly foccused ultrasound to deliver bursts of energy to specific layers under the skin, while lasers including Accent will be absorbed by tissues, depending on the wavelength of the laser light. That is one reason for example why Ulthera can be used on all skin types. Ulthera is the only FDA-approved ultrasound device for nonsurgical skin lifting. It generally requires a single treatment.

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