Ulthera Treatment: Are There Different Machines and Companies?

I'm looking into getting Ultherapy treatment. I'm wondering if there are different ultherapy machine companies besides Ulthera (thats the one the Dr uses that I'm seeing) and if there is a difference in their results. A couple friends of mine have had it done with an Ulthera machine and have had mixed results. Thanks

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Ultherapy knock offs not recommended

Ultherapy is FDA cleared and safe. There are other companies (Korea, China) that market 'knock off' products but we do not recommend their use in the U.S. 

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Ulthera is the only focused ultrasound for skin lifting

Ulthera is the only FDA approved focused ultrasound device for skin lifting. It is important to understand the differences between focused and nonfocused ultrasound, and ultrasound vs. lasers or radiofrequency (RF). Nonfocused ultrasound is used for physical therapy because it can gently warm tissues, but Ulthera focused ultrasound delivers tiny bursts of higher heat to stimulate collagen rebuilding under the skin. Focusing also allows for it to be placed at precise depths, unlike RF. Another focused ultrasound device is Liposonix, which targets fat in a deeper layer. Lasers are used more for peeling.

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There is only one Ultherapy for facial lifting

There are no other FDA cleared highly focused ultrasound devices designed to lift the facial skin other than Ultherapy. Physical therapists use external ultrasound for treatment of deep tissues but this is not the focused ultrasound and the heat generated with the non focused physical therapy ultrasound won't generate the new collagen and connective tissue tightening that we see with the Ultherapy unit.

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Are there other Ultherapy machines?


Since Ultherapy has been such a great success in the aesthetic world to nonsurgically lift the face and neck, there have been a lot of companies that are trying to claim the same result.  Ulthera, the manufacturers of Ultherapy is the only FDA approved company to nonsurgically lift the face and neck.  They utilize a revolutionary focused ultrasound technology that you can actually see on the monitor to target the deeper collagen.  Other competing companies use nonfocused ultrasound, radiofrequency, low level lasers to try to accomplish the same thing.  If you are considering Ultherapy, make sure you get your consult from an experienced provider from the Ulthera company website.



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There is only one Ulthera machine

Ulthera is an FDA-approved device using precise ultrasound to tighten the skin. This is achieved by creating tiny wounds in the deeper layers below the skin's surface that lead to collagen stimulation while bypassing the surface of the skin. There are no other devices currently that use ultrasound for this purpose on the face.  There are other skin tighteners available but they use radiofreqency technology, not ultrasound.  Results can vary from person to person and can be dependent on a person's age, smoking and environmental exposure history, sun damage, genetic makeup, etc.  This could account for the differences noted amongst your friends' treatments.

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