Will Ultherapy of the Mid-face Effect the Sculptra I Had Placed into my Hollow Cheeks?

Will Ultherapy of the Mid-face Effect the Sculptra I Had Placed into my Hollow Cheeks?

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Sculptra and Ultherapy

There are some clinical studies (small ones) that have shown a combined additive advantage of Ultherapy and Sculptra, coining the term 'Sculptherapy'. I generally combine procedures but place the filler after HIFU energy is delivered. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook on the link below - go to ebook section. 

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Sculptra and Ultherapy

Thank you for your question. Generally, it is advised to receive fillers after Ultherapy, as the treatment could possibly affect them. However, studies have not yet been published confirming this belief. Therefore, your Sculptra treatment could possibly be unaffected by Ultherapy. 

Daniel Shapiro, MD
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Sculptherapy for the right candidate will make a big difference

There are currently several studies following different protocols of potential additive effects of Ultherapy with Sculptra as both aim to stimulate collagen production. In our practice we find that we do achieve an enhanced result with this combination producing improved mid face and peri-orbital volume and firming of lower face and neck sagging soft tissue. I find that performing at least 2 sculptra injections prior to Ultherapy is most effective in stimulating maximal volume enhancement with the third or additional sculptra injections 8-12 weeks after Ultherapy. The above is anecdotal and based soley on my experience. The most important factor is careful initial assessment to determine the appropriateness of patients for this procedure.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
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Ultherapy will not effect the results of your Sculptra

No, Ultherapy does not affect the results of Sculptra. In fact, I like to combine the two treatments. I call it SCULPThera. When Ulthera and Sculptra are used together, the results are truly enhanced due to multi-layer stimulation. Both the Sculptra and Ulthera treatments can be performed during the same appointment and require minimal recovery time.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
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Ultherapy over Sculptra

I would not recommend Ultherapy over any filler until the combined use has been studied. No one really knows what it does to fillers, and it is not recommended by the company. Sculptra especially may be susceptable to adverse effects in the long run since it functions by stimulating collagen production. If you want them both, do the Ultherapy first.

E. Ronald Finger, MD
Savannah Plastic Surgeon
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Ultherapy safe after sculptra

Ultherapy will not adversely affect your sculptra in fact they are a nice combination as the ultherapy tightens the skin and the sculptra helps restore volume and natural contour to the face. Just today I treated a woman with full facial sculptra and then immediately after did ultherapy. This combination is very nice becasue the sculptra is mixed with lidocaine which makes the face numb so the ultherapy is completely painless. I do not recommend Ultherapy over fillers that can be subject to heat destruction such as the hyaluronic fillers such as Restylane or juvederm but sculptra is unique in being a small particle filler that induces collagen renewal and growth over time.

Elizabeth F. Rostan, MD
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Ultherapy over fillers

I recommend not having Ulthera treatment over recently placed fillers.  It is unclear whether there is an effect but the concern is that the ultrasound energy may degrade previously placed fillers.  Sculptra may be less likely to have problems because it works by stimulating collagen production but these studies are still being done.  I frequently use fillers and Ulthera on the same day but always perform the Ulthera treatment first.

Mark Beaty, MD
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Ultherapy treatment over areas with filers?

I would recommend to avoid any treatments over areas treated with fillers with Ultherapy. We are not sure if they can affect the fillers and the company recommends to avoid treating those areas !!!


Good Luck!


the jury is still out there. I would recommend skin tightenign procedures before you do the fillers as we dont know exactly how it will effect the fillers. however, I would suggest that you get a consultation form your doctor who placed the Sculptra filler for further care 

Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
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Ulthera and Fillers

We do not have any definitive data at this time, but studies are currently being performed to assess the effects of Ulthera on previously placed fillers, such as Sculptra. As was stated previously, we recommend Ulthera treatments prior to fillers. Moreover, different fillers are placed at different depths on the face. Thus, your Sculptra may be below the treatment zone of the Ulthera. I would check with the physician who placed your Sculptra first. Best wishes on achieving your cosmetic goals.

Luis Zapiach, MD
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