When Can Ultherapy Treatment Be Repeated? Weeks, Months?

When Can Ultherapy Treatment Be Repeated? Weeks, Months?

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Ultherapy results depend on several factors

Once the maximum results have been achieved a few months after an Ultherapy treatment, the aging process continues and collagen levels will eventually start to decrease again. How often patients go back for Ultherapy treatments to maintain their results depends on each individual and on factors such as the state of their skin before their initial treatment, the degree of results they achieved, as well as lifestyle habits such as smoking and UV exposure. Most people do not have their Ultherapy updated earlier than one year afterwards. Some see their doctors for maintenance treatments every 3 years. You and your doctor will be able to decide the best schedule to keep your results looking fresh.

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Maintenance treatment with Ultherapy

I have done Ultherapy since 2011 and have performed hundreds of procedures. I am seeing return patients 3 years after their first tretment who have requested 'touch up' or maintenance treatment with Ultherapy.

There is no need to repeat the procedure before 6 months after the first session. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. 

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Frequency of Ultherapy Treatments

The collagen stimulation from Ultherapy continues for 6 months, so it isn’t necessary to repeat a treatment before then. However, it is safe to do so, should you desire. I have had a few patients preparing for a big event or birthday who were so thrilled with the effects from the first treatment that they insisted on a second treatment at 4-5 months to get all possible improvements as quickly as possible. These patients continued to be even more satisfied and excited about the changes. We are always sure to educate all patients that they will continue to improve from each treatment throughout those 180 days. Overall, we leave the decision up to the patients dependent on their individual needs, results and budget. I feel an ideal plan would be a second treatment after 12-18 months and evaluate. Every patient is unique, will have varying results, and ages at different rates. One person may be fine with one treatment every three years and the next may be ready after 1-2 years. I find my patients are so happy to have such an effective, non-surgical skin lifting option that they plan on coming back yearly to maximize the benefits and improvements.

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Ultherapy is recommended every 1-2 years

At our office, we recommend that patients repeat the procedure every 1-2 years. The earliest we will perform a second treatment is 8 months after the initial treatment. 

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Hello.  Our office recommends about 6 months to repeat the ultherapy treatment.  Depends on the office you went to, you can ask  your physician or technician.  We offer a repetitive treatment after 6 months.

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How soon can Ulthera be repeated?

Ultherapy works by triggering the body's natural collagen production and repair. This process is progressive and make take up to 3-6months to see the full results of Ultherapy. Depending on the patient's desired outcomes, a second treatment may be performed at 6 months or in 1-2 years.

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Repeating Ultherapy Treatment

Thank you for your question. Ultherapy is an excellent option for skin tightening and rejuvenation, and does generally last for a year's time. So, I would suggest repeating the treatment annually to retain results.

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When can Ultherapy be Repeated

It will take three to four months to see the full results of Ultherapy after the initial treatment. So you should wait a minimum of the three to four months before retreating.

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Frequency of Ultherapy Treatments

Yes, Ultherapytherapy may be repeated.  However, patients must wait 3-to 4 months to see the full results of Ultherapy after the initial treatment.  Individuals respond to the treatment at different rates. If additional tissue tightening and lifting is desired I recommended it around the 4-6 months interval.  The  entire procedure does not usually need to be repeated only select areas.  Ultherapy results last approximately 18 to 24 months, but treatments anually or bi-anually only serve to stimulate collagen production and slow down the aging process.

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Ultherapy may be repeated

Either to build on a prior treatment of to maintain the good results, Ultherapy may be repeated six to twelve months later, or more.  There is a continued aging effect that can negate the positive improvement Ulthera provides so repeat treatment makes sense, but the effects can last longer in some people than others.

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