How Does Ultherapy Give Better Skin Tightening Results over Titan Treatments?

Besides the results from Ultherapy being superior, is the recovery and other side effects less of an issue than other treatments? Are these results fairly consistent from patient to patient?

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Ulthera is effective in some patients for facial lifting without surgery.

Ulthera is a deep foucsed ultrasound energy that penetrates up to 4.5millimeters in depth, deep enough to contract the connective tissue layer beneath the subcutaneous tissues. I have used Titan, but my experience was very limited years ago and I did not pursue it.

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Ulthera versus Titan: Neither Provides a Facelift Result, but Ulthera is Superior

The difference between Ulthera and Titan is in the form of energy used.  Ulthera utilizes focused ultrasound energy, whereas Titan uses infrared light.  I have never utilized Titan in my practice, but I have yet to see any impressive results with this device.  In the past, I have been incredibly skeptical about the efficacy of minimally invasive "skin tightening treatments".  However, with the advice of some of my trusted colleagues, I decided to employ Ulthera in my practice, and have been surprised with the quality of results.  The key for patients is to understand that the results possible with Ulthera will not approximate that of of a Facelift.  There are three groups of patients I will offer this treatment to: 1) patients in their 40's with mild jowling who are motivated to address the problem, 2) patients who have had a Facelift several years ago who wish to maintain their result, 3) patients who refuse to have a Facelift and are willing to understand that the result will be less impressive.

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Skin tighteners

Please don't take for granted that the results of any of the non-surgical skin tighteners (Thermage, Titan, Ulthera) are ever going to be "superior."  At best they all can give a modest improvement.  Other times, there is no improvement at all.  The problems is also that it is hard to tell who is the best candidate for these procedures, probably it is the person who needs it the least because a tiny change is all they need.

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