Ultherapy- What is the Difference in the Wavelength Compared to That Used in Physiotherapy

So will it affect the underlying muscles of my face and neck?my local plastic surgeon uses a beautician to conduct the treatments ,he is often not available so is there special precautions she must take so I dont get a burn etc

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Ulthera for facial lifting

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only the Ulthera device has been FDA cleared for facial lifting. It was studied with its intense and focused ultrasound energy to penetrate deeply enough, without affecting the epidermis, to help tighten the connective tissue layer, called the S.M.A.S.. It is this layer that is surgically tightenend during a facelift. One can not comment on the efficacy or safety of using physical therapy ultrasound for facial tightening.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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How Ultherapy is different than physiotherapy ultrasound

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We use the term "frequency," measured in Hertz or megahertz to describe ultrasound rather than frequency, which applies more to lasers. The most important difference with Ulthera (and Liposonix) is focusing. The ultrasound is passed across the skin but then focused at a precise point underneath, with bursts that deliver a specific amount of energy. With physical therapy ultrasound, the energy is unfocused, and intended to produce gradual warming. Ulthera targets a collagen-rich layer under the skin with a high degree of precision. While it may be appropriately delegated to an esthetician in most states, it is a prescriptive device so it can only be used under a physician's supervisory authority.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound energy at predetermined depths

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Ultherapy is FOCUSED ultrasound energy delivery and not like the 200 dollar devices used in physiotherapy that send ultrasound waves into tissue where it is attenuated, reflected or absorbed haphazardly. Focused high intensity ultrasound uses high frequency ultrasound waves that are absorbed within the first 1 cm of tissue, and the wavelength calculation can be made since you know the constant speed of sound through 'soft tissue' - it is not important for you to know that - the bottom line is that it focuses energy at a predetermined layerby sequencing the ultasound waves or phasing them, as opposed to straight down. That is why this machine costs over 125,000 and not 200 dollars. 

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