Are polystring implants still available for breast implants?

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Polystyrene Implants

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Polystyrene implants were used several years ago and are no longer approved for use in the United States. They were exceedingly popular several years ago (peaking in the 80's). The implants were touted for their resistance to contracture, however they suffered from gel bleed necessitating explantation (which was a technically challenging undertaking as any surgeon who has removed a ruptured early generation implant can attest to).The current generation of FDA approved silicone gel implants (cohesive/highly cohesive gel) are safe and infinitely more reliable. As always, discuss your concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Polyurethane Implant availability?

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Polyurethane covered implants were popular in the late 80s but are no longer approved by the FDA nor available in this country.  They were unusually good at resisting capsule contracture in the first 5 to 10 years but did have problems with subsequent leakage.  The new cohesive gel implants available as either smooth or textured surfaced implants are more durable and generally produce excellent results.  I hope that this is useful information for you.
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Silicone breast implants are typically used in US breast augmentations

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I believe you are referring to polystyrene breast implants - these were implants used decades ago and were texturized with a polystyrene material. They are no longer used in the US. Currently, all implants in the USA that are FDA approved have a silicone shell that is either smooth or texturized.

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String implants

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it is my understanding that the FDA issued a ruling that this technique could no longer be used for breast enhancement.Dr. Edwards

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