Ugly, Bulging Belly Button After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck 6 wks ago. Before my procedure, I had a deep inny.Since surgery, my bellybutton varies from being flat to bulging out throughout the day. Mostly it bulges out in spots. It is too big, about the size of a penny and the contours inside the ring look like a snail. At my postop, he just told me to sleep with a marble in it at night. I have kept a marble in all day for several weeks now, and it makes no difference at all.

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Protruding Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

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At 6 weeks after an abdominoplasty, it is not unusual to have some swelling, especially around the belly button.  The textbook answer would be to wait 6 months to see if the swelling will go down.  It is my personal feeling that around 3 months is plenty, so give it 6 more weeks, and it is doesn't improve, then speak to your plastic surgeon about a potential revision. 

If you presented yourself to my practice at 3 months after having an abdominoplasty, I would reopen the periumbilical incision, defat the skin of the abdomen around the umbilicus for a distance of 1.5 cm, then anchor the umbilicus down to the abdominal wall with PDS sutures at 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock.  These sutures would be 6-8 mm from the umbilical edge, and then when sewing to the skin, only use subcuticular dissolvable sutures or half buried mattress nylon sutures, and finish the repair with super glue.  All the above are to give you an innie with minimal scarring. 

I am sure your plastic surgeon is aware of all these procedures and would happily do them if your belly button results don't improve with time. 

Swollen belly button after tummy tuck

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Even though it's only been 6 weeks, the swelling may take several more months to resolve.  If it still looks odd at that point, you may need a revision.

Belly button appearance after tummy tuck

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Hello Ruby.  Your belly, and the belly button, can remain swollen for several months after a tummy tuck. Massaging the area can help to reduce the swelling. You should wait at least 6 months after surgery to allow all the swelling to resolve before considering a revision. I hope that helps and wish you all the best!

Ugly, Bulging Belly Button After Tummy Tuck?

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Thanksfor the posted photos. But I see only a slightly swollen umbilicus and scar area. Allow 6 months healing. Than decide if you need surgery!

Bulging Belly Button

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   Dear Ruby Sparkles,

     There are a few reasons why your belly button is bulging after abdominoplasty(long umbilical stalk, hernia, too much skin..). Some of these can and do resolve with natural healing and scarring. This may take months. However, in some instances, revision surgery may be needed. Be patient and follow up with your surgeon. If you are dissatisfied with how things are progressing I would be happy to take a look at this for you. Good luck.

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