Can Collagen Injections be removed from the lips?

I have had collagen injected to my lips. I am not sure what type of collagen it was, but the lady who did it said that it is permanent. So I guess it is one of the synthetic ones. I would like to remove it from my lips. Is it possible? Will I have to have the same procedure of cutting the lips open, as it is done with silicone removal? Or is there some other way? I also heard about Ultherapy, which can help with bad silicone injections. Does it apply to my case?

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Can Collagen Injections be removed from the lips?

Thanks for your query. Collagen injections are not permanent; they dissolve in 4-6 months by themselves or even hyaluronic acid. Ultherapy works if it is injected with hyaluronic acid or slightly for collagen but if you are talking permanent then it could be silicone and surgery is your best option for lip reduction. Hope it helps.

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Permanent fillers in the lips - Removal

Our office in Los Angeles specializes in the surgical removal of silicone and permanent fillers from the lips. Our experience in this capacity is very high, and we offer coordinated procedures to help improve the complications arising from silicone. 

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