Should I get a BBL or collagen injections to make my butt bigger?

I'm a slim woman. I have a nice body but I would like my butt to be bigger. What's my best option. I read with the Brazilian butt lift they kind of have to use your own fat. But I'm trying to get more information on collegen injections. I need help

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Should I get a BBL or collagen injections to make my butt bigger?

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Thanks for your query. BBL is the best option. In Brazilian Butt lift or BBL fat is removed from various parts of the body and is injected in the butt giving it a more rounded and fuller look, if you are thinking of collagen then it will require huge quantity of collagen as it is designed for facial fillers, therefore it will be very expensive and also such enormous quantity of collagen can give rise to fibrosis, allergic reactions and there is a chance of disfigurement, therefore bbl is the best choice.

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Collagen Injections not for buttocks enhancement

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Thanks for posting your question. Collagen injections are not intended for buttocks enhancement. If you have an area to harvest fat (ie excess fat on the waist, hips or abdomen) the Brazilian butt lift will work the best. It uses your own tissue and doesn't require large scars seen with implants. Good luck, Dr. M

Jared Mallalieu, DO
Annapolis General Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Collagen Injection

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Collagen is not intended at all for buttock enhancement. I would imagine that collagen purified for medicinal use and the volume needed for buttock enhancement would be expensive and unnatural. You can harvest your own fat and replant it. This is a good way to enhance. Implants are not a good option for the buttocks; there are too many problems with them. Structural fat grafting is the way to go.

Michael Stefan, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilan Butt Lift is a very popular procedure for augmenting buttock size.  For any sizable change, a significant amount of fat (or injectable material) would be required.  The fat is harvested from your body during a body contouring procedure.  The Brazilian Butt Lift can be beneficial in that it will enhance the size of your buttocks and also contour those body areas that have pockets of stubborn fat.  Fat will give a very natural looking and feeling buttocks.  With this said, you would need areas of fat for harvesting.  Some women can be very lean and have very little stores of extra fat.  They would not be a good candidate for this technique. 
Injectable materials, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, can be used.  However, a large amount would be needed.  This would be very costly and temporary.  Some injectable materials can have significant side affects and lead to permanent damage.  Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns.  Thanks for the question.      

Steven Svehlak, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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