Retin-A and microneedling together? (Photo)

I'm a 50 yrs old white woman, with fair skin. I've been using Retin-A for a few months now, starting at 0.025 % and just now started at 0.05%. I wash my face and then wait a couple of hours before putting on the Retin-A. Does that wait negate the affects of Retin-A? Also, I would like to add microneedling to my regime every few months. Is that possible, and how should I proceed with that? All info is greatly appreciated!

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Retin-A Use with Microneedling

Retin-A stimulates collagen production. Micro needling is supposed to do the same, though the evidence is not strong. Using the 2 together should only increase the effectiveness. However, there is no evidence yet that this happens. The best way to use Retin-A is to put it on directly after washing your face and applying a pH balancer like Vitamin-C, Skin Medica's TNS Essential Serum or an acidic toner. I would continue to push the amount (& percentage) of the Retin-A to increase its effectiveness. If you have not gotten any redness from its use, you need to push the amount until you do and then hold at that amount. The redness will resolve in about 4-6 weeks as your skin gets used to it. You can then push further. 

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