Infini RF - temperature range?

I've read RF is safe and effective within 40-42 Celsius degree range and that collagen denatures in higher temperatures. Does Lutronic's Infini RF permit temperatures up to 42-45 Celsius degrees solely or it's up to an operator to be overly cautious when setting parameters?

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Understanding temperature is key to Infini's success

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You have obviously done your homework. Although 42-45 does stimulate some collagen, 65-70 causes caogulation. This will give maximal collagen stimulation. This is the temperatures that the Infini gets to. It is impossible to get to those temperatures with the non penetrating RF devices because the skin surface will blister and scar. By bypassing the epidermis, Infini is able to get to those higher temperatures and thus create a more effective result. Added to the safety is that this heating is fractional with Infini, meaning there's not complete heating of the dermis. This makes for less downtime and safer treatments,  when compared to bulk heating

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INFINI RF Temperature

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Infini differs from other RF devices. Most RF devices heat the skin from the surface to incite collagen stimulation. With those devices an ideal temperature to set is 42 degrees; as higher temperature can damage the surface layers of the skin.

Infini uses insulated needles to deliver a surge of energy at targeted depths within the dermis. This coagulates tissue which spurs collagen development. Infini's deep targeting approach is considered safer and more effective  than other fractional laser treatments. There is also a shorter recovery time using Infini over with traditional RF devices.

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INFINI has RF and microneedling

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INFINI is different from many other RF devices because its ability to go to specific depths within the dermis and affect the collagen there.  The skin surface is not heated as it would be with other devices.  So, there is much less risk of any damage to the superficial skin and thus, less downtime compared to other devices that do injure the skin surface.  This is a great device for reducing coarse and deep wrinkles, and acne scars.

Sunny Park, MD, MPH
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Infini RF is different from other RF devices, combining microneedling and RF

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You are right in that most RF devices heat the skin to cause collagen stimulation. The ideal with those machines is to heat the skin to 42 degrees Celsius and keep it there for a period of time. This is not how Infini works, however. Infini uses multiple insulated needles that penetrate into the dermis and deliver a pinpoint blast of energy at the tips, coagulating the tissue. This coagulation is turned into collagen by the body. This is a much more effective and direct way for forcing the skin to make collagen than simply heating it up from the surface. In fact, the epidermis is spared in this process, making it much safer than fractional lasers with less down time as well.

Katherine Dee, MD
Seattle Physician

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