4000 grafts hair transplant, 10 months results. What should I do now? (photos)

I had hair transplant (4000 grafts) 10 months ago in a clinic called Medical Park in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm not satisfied with the result. It doesn't seem OK to me. All transplanted hair hasn't cover my head yet, there are still many tiny or thin hair. Is lt still early to make a conclusion? What could cause the problem? Bad or improper procedure? What should I do now? Wait more or take a second procedure in a different clinic? Thanks.

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At 10 months you are still not going to get the maximum amount of growth. However, you will not get full coverage on the scalp. It would be interesting to see the before picture so see how large the area 4000 grafts were spread over. You will need another procedure to add more density behind the hair line. I always advise two procedures for FUE over large areas for this reason and you should have been informed of this when undertaking the procedure. You only have one donor site so treat it with respect.

Growth after 10 months 4000 grafts

Clearly you have not achieved good growth. Possibly there was some problems with the surgical team with skills or errors which must be ruled out. Go back to Turkey and ask them
William Rassman, MD
William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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If you are not satisfied with your results, you should contact your doctor. You must also consider if you had the correct

If you are not satisfied with your results, you should contact your doctor.  You must also consider if you had the correct expectation before the surgery.
Jae Pak, MD
Jae Pak, MD
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10 months after FUE

I cannot tell if these are your before or after photos, so your graft density might be on track, but either way:

1) 4000 grafts is generally considered risky for an FUE surgery.  In order to get that many grafts, a surgeon may have to take grafts from outside of the safe zone, or split intact FUs - neither of which are optimal for growth.

2) You may have a diffuse type of alopecia or another medical hair loss condition which results in poor growth.  An accurate diagnosis before going through surgery is essential in these cases, and I don't know if you had that yet, but it may explain poor growth.

3) 10 months may not be long enough to see full growth in your case.  It may take 12-18 months sometimes!  Be patient and also give your surgeon a call to let him or her know what is going on.

4) Medications can help speed regrowth - finasteride and minoxidil are particularly well-studied.

Good luck!

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