Loosening Abdominal Muscles After Tummy Tuck

How long does it take for the upper abdominal region to "loosen up" or feel less taught following Tummy Tuck? I am also wondering if this is the skin and upper abdominal muscles that are pulling which are preventing me from standing completely erect. What can I do to help facilitate slight loosening of these structures so that is more comfortable to walk and stand erect?

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Tightness after abdominoplasty

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Thanks for the question -

It is typical for things to feel a bit tight after tummy tuck. Typically not only is the skin pulled tightly but the rectus muscles are also tightened to create a better abdominal contour.

In the post-op period there can be swelling that contributes to this tight feeling. The tightness typically resolves over the first 2 to 3 weeks. It usually resolves without any intervention or treatment needed. For patients that have tightness causing discomfort after about a month physical therapy can assist in improving things.

Becareful not start exercises or stretching without discussing the options with your surgeon first as this can cause post-op bleeding or failure of the muscle repair.

I hope this helps.

Tight Tummy

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It just takes time for everything to stretch out over time. My patients are able to pretty much walk erect after a couple of weeks, but things are still tight for a long time. You can slowly try to stand straight, but if things pull then you are over doing it.

I dont know how long out your are from your surgery but that is the general time frame for my patients.

Hope that helps.

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