What Happens to Stretch Marks After Post-Tummy Tuck Pregnancy?

I want to have a Tummy Tuck because after 3 pregnancies (c-sections) and eating a healthy diet and going to the gym 7 days a week, I cannot get my stomach flat again and have been told I still look 6 months pregnant! 

But will I be prone to getting stretch marks after if I have another pregnancy as the skin will be much tighter? This is my only concern...


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Tummy Tuck and Pregnancy

STretch marks usually occur with pregnancy and is not related as much to whether you have had or not had a prior tummy tuck. Of Course it makes the most sense to wait until your last pregnacy is finished so you do not have to redo the procedure due to stretched skin and lax muscles. On the other hand  many women that do not plan on having kids for several more years will still choose to have a TummyTuck. It is a very personal choice.A second tummy tuck can be done after the pregnancy

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Tummy Tuck, Pregnancy, and Stretch Marks

You should not have a tummy tuck now if you plan on future pregnancies

If you have a tummy tuck and then have an additional pregnancy, your tummy tuck results will be compromised and you will likely require a revision tummy tuck after the birth of your child.  A revision tummy tuck is more difficulty than the first tummy tuck, and your best results will be obtained by having all of your children and then having a tummy tuck.  Additionally, you should wait at least 9-12 months after the birth of your last child before considering a tummy tuck.

It is impossible to predict if and where a woman will get stretch marks during a pregnancy.  As women get older and their skin loses elasticity and thickness, they are more prone to stretch marks with each pregnancy.

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Do tummy tuck after last pregnancy.


I really don't recommend a tummy tuck if you think you will get pregnant again. Most of the improvement will be gone with another pregnancy.

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Stretch marks following tummy tuck

Do not do a tummy tuck if you have immediate plans to be pregnant. It is likely you would have to have it repeated. If this is planned in the distant future, then you could proceed but expect to develop stretch marks as well as muscle and skin laxity.

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Do your tummy tuck when you're done having children

The plan to have a tummy tuck and then have another child is not a good one as the final pregnancy will possible stretch out the muscle and skin and may make new stretch marks.  Wait til you're done having kids for the TT. 

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Stretch marks and tummy tuck surgery

Stretch marks cannot be predicted accurately, but in general if you did not have them before, you probably won't get them with another pregnancy. If you are definitely planning to have another child, you might want to wait until you are done before having a tummy tuck. Good luck.

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Stretch marks from post-tummy tuck pregnancy

You would be as likely to get pregnancy stretch marks after tummy tuck as you were before tummy tuck. It is for that reason plastic surgeons prefer to wait until you are done having children before having a tummy tuck. You would likely need another one after the next pregnancy! If you are considering another child in the next 2-4 years it makes no sense to have a tummy tuck now. Wait until you are done having children so you only need one operation and can get the best results.

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