Tummy Tuck Permanent Suture - Feel Through my Skin & Painful

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago and I've been feeling a permanent suture under my skin in my upper abdominal. Plastic surgeon things the stitch 'flipped up' and the string is poking me. If you rub on it with your finger, it's painful and feels like something is sticking me in the stomach muscle. I have to try and avoid the area when I put lotion on my abdomen. What is the best way to fix this without incurring a big scar in my upper abdomen? I've been able to feel this ever since my surgery.

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Prominent permanent suture after tummy tuck

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If you are feeling the plication sutures, it may get better with time as the body heals. If it persists, it can be difficult to treat without making an incision over ther region to remove it.

Prominent palapable permanent stitch after tummy tuck

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This is difficult and probably the easiest solution is to make a small incision overlying the stitch and pull it out directly.

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