Possible to Get Tummy Tuck After 5 C-sections?

can i still get a tummy tuck if i have lots of internal scar tissue from 5 c-sections? i have been told the I heal really well on the outside but not on the inside, i have had 3 attempts while my c-sections were being performed to have a tubal and they have all said the same thing too much scar tissue. so with that said would i be able to have a tummy tuck with internal scar tissue?

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You are most likely an ideal candidate for tummy tuck

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The tummy tuck operation is superficial and does not enter the abdominal cavity where the scar tissue you mention is located. The adbdominal muscles are tightened with suture on the surface. The skin is elevated advanced and removed. If you have been told you are a good healer on the outside then you will do well with this procedure.

Consult a board certified plastic surgeon for me specifics on this operation and good luck.

Tummy Tuck after 5 C-sections

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The scar tissue you describe is internal around your organs whereas a tummy tuck is performed outside the organs and the peritoneum. I believe you would be a very good candidate for a tummy tuck.. Meet with a qualified surgeon to discuss your options.


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We don't go inside -- so the intrabdominal scar tissue does not effect our surgery. But - that said - you don't want to get pregnant again as it will ruin a well done operation

Abdominoplasty after C-sections is a very good option

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The fact that you have had several C-sections is a reason to have the tummy tuck, not the opposite. Most likely the scar tissue your surgeons are referring to is on the inside of your abdomen, not outside the muscle wall where the abdominoplasty is done. There will be scar tissue there as well, but it shouldn't be a problem for the tummy tuck by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Tummy tucks after C-sections are great

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Depending on your general condition and weight you might well be an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck.  Any internal scar tissue is not an issue in terms of getting a great TT result because none of the surgery is done within the abdominal cavity.

Perfect Candidate for a Tummy Tuck

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Every time we operate inside the abdomen scar bands (adhesions) form. The scar bands are related to blood in the belly and vary from patient to patient. Extreme cases of intestinal adhesions are seen in patients with a history of operations for massive injuries.

During a C-section the pregnant uterus is brought out of the tummy and in most cases an incision is placed across its low portion allowing for delivery of the baby. Not sure WHY the Fallopian tubes were not seen , clipped and tied at that time as they are easy to find at that time.

However, this extent of adhesion scarring has little to do with operations involving the outside muscles and skin. With 5 babies, barring any other medical conditions, a Tummy Tuck can be done and should get you a GREAT improvement.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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