Is Tumescent Lipo A Good Choice For Brazilian Butt Lift?

is tumescent lipo a good choice for the brazilian butt lift or should traditional lipo be used? will the fat disappear with the tumescent method?

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Butt lift and tumescent solution and liposuction

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Tumescent and the machine used to harvest the fat are two different things. Tumescent is a fluid that is injected into the fat prior to liposuction. It contains several medications (epinephrine and lidocaine) to decrease bleeding and control pain. It is a standard surgical technique that is done in any liposuction procedure regardless of the machine used to remove the fat. Most surgeons use tumescent solution because it decreases the amount of blood that is lost during the liposuction procedure. 

Universally, it is well accepted that losing too much blood damages or impairs the fat that is transferred. You want to maximize the removal of fat while at the same time minimize the  bleeding and diminish the blood that is “sucked out”.

Any reputable plastic surgeon will use tumescent solution prior to liposuction. Once the fat is removed, it is processed by removing most of the tumescent solution, blood, and oil. The fat is injected in the deficient areas to recreate a harmonious buttock. Tumescence will not determine if the fat is going to disappear or not; instead, this is determined by the surgical technique, the fat processing technique, and the surgeon’s experience.

Tumescent Lipo

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Tumescent lipo is the process of infiltrating fluid into the area prior to surgery.  Everyone uses some form of tumescent lipo in the preparation of the fat.  Some use a more “wet” prep (tumescent variety with the area being rigid from the fluid), others use super wet with the area being just short of rigid.  Go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for the procedure and they will do the procedure with the best outcome potential.  Do not be caught up in marketing jargon.  Let the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon do what you are asking for and the most important thing is education, experience and technique.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Toumescent NO

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Technically, true toumescent should not be used. Toumescent includes xylocaine for pain and epinephrine to stop bleeding. Recent studies show that fat mixed with xylocaine has decreased viability. We only use a solution that contains only epinephrine in the fat to be harvested.

Marc Schneider, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction for buttock contouring

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All liposuction has the same goal: create tunnels through fat which then collapse with time to yield the final contour.  Tumescent, wet, superwet, etc. are terms to describe the ratio of saline solution injected before liposuction to the amount of fat ultimately removed.  These terms are really somewhat meaningless: a skilled surgeon will use as much injection as needed to properly distend the tissues. 

Newer techniques use lasers to heat the skin to cause skin shrinkage.  These techniques are dangerous because a burn can result which causes permanent unsightly scarring.

Choose a Board Certified plastic surgeon and make sure he/she has had enough experience to be able to show you pre- and post-op pictures.

Brazilian butt lift

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Tumescent liposuction is the most used and appropriate method for Brazilian butt lift. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon( American board of plastic surgery)

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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