I live in the UK and if I do have tubular breasts it may be possible to get surgery on the NHS. Are they tubular? (photo)

I don't want to go to my doctor about this until I have other opinions really because if I don't, I don't want to have whipped my boobs out infront of my doctor needlessly. I'm particularly self concious about the shape of my boobs. I live in the uk and if I do have tubular breasts it may be possible to get surgery on the NHS. Thanks.

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Not Tuberous but Need Lift

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You do not have tubular breasts, you have asymmetry and marked ptosis.  You would benefit from a new technique called The Ultimate Breast Lift.  This can be done avoiding the vertical incision of the Wise pattern.  The weight of your breast is transferred to the underlying muscle to relieve neck, back and shoulder pain, preserve areola sensitivity and ability to breast feed.  You are an excellent candidate for this new technique.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.


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Tubular Breasts #breastimplants

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The only way to really know is by direct examination. Tuberous breasts exemplify 3 main properties. 1. Herniated breast tissue into the nipple areaola complex making it look puffy, 2. Tight lower breast pole, and a high riding inframammary crease. Many of these I can not tell from you pictures. From what I see you simply have one big breast and one smaller breast. Depending on what size you want to be I would reduce the right side and then a mastopexy or small reduction on the left. A direct examination with a board certified Plastic Surgeon will give you the answers you are seeking.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Do I Have Tubular Breasts?

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My goes is YES but the posted photo is of very poor exposure! Best to find a doctor you trust to be examined in person. 

Tubular breast?

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Based solely on the photos you posted, it does not look like you have tuberous breasts. Theyr are definitely sagging.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Hi Jane,

Thanks for the photo.  A full lateral view would be nice.  It appears you have significant breast asymmetry and sagging.  From the front view it does not appear that you have tuberous breasts.  You should achieve a very nice result with a right breast reduction/mastopexy and left breast mastopexy.  In the USA it is doubtful this would be cover by health insurance..


Todd B. Koch, MD
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Tubular Breasts?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

No, your breast do not demonstrate characteristics seen with tubular ( constricted) breasts.  Your pictures demonstrate significant asymmetric breast ptosis with one breast significant larger than the other. At some point, you may benefit from breast lifting/reduction surgery. This operation will serve to elevate the breasts on your chest wall and will likely improve breast symmetry significantly. The downsides associated with the operation are the presence of scars.

 You will benefit from consultation with well experienced plastic surgeons in your area; ask to see lots of examples of their work helping patients in your situation.

Best wishes.

Tubular Breast

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First, you do not have tubular breast.  Based on your photos, you need a mastopexy with a minor reduction on your right breast. Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to discuss your concerns and expectations.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Tubular Breasts

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No, you do not have the typical tubular breast deformity. That is not to say that you have an easy problem because of your asymmmetry and severe ptosis. You should see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a complete breast examination.

Paul S. Howard, MD, FACS
Hoover Plastic Surgeon

Do I Have Tubular Breasts?

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There are a number of features that define a tubular breast:
•Wide and puffy areolae
•widely spaced breasts
•high breast fold
•constricted lower pole (deficient tissue in lower half of the breast
•minimal breast tissue
•high breast fold
•narrow base of the breast


Unfortunately, I cannot see enough in the photo to answer your question. Part of the larger breast is cut off from view by the framing, and there are no side views. 

You certainly have asymmetric breasts, and ptosis (sagging)  both of which do occur with some frequency either with or without tubular breasts. 

If you are interested in having this corrected, there is nothing better than an in person exam to make or exclude the diagnosis of tubular breasts. Do consider making an appointment with a plastic surgeon in your area. No opinion that you can get on line will matter.

Thanks for your question, and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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