Should I Continue Birth Control Before Asymmetrical Breast Reduction?

I've had asymmetrical breasts since puberty. I was a large C (l) and a small, tuberous C (r).I took birth control and my left breast grew to a DD while my right stayed the same. After getting off the pill, the left breast became a D. I am trying the ring, but my left breast is turning into a DD. I plan on getting a one sided reduction - but should I remain on the ring and get surgery to correct it as it is now? Or should I take myself off? In short how will birth control affect the outcome?

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Birth control

This is an important question. Birth control pills can increase your risk for clotting especially in the first several months. I would discuss this issue at length with your gynecologist and plastic surgeon for specific recommendations tailored to you and the procedures performed.

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Breast Reduction and Birth Control Method?

Thank you for the question.

I would suggest that you utilize whatever form of birth control prior to surgery that you plan to utilize after the breast surgery. By doing so, you will allow any hormonal effects that the birth control hormones induces to occur prior to surgery;  this will allow your surgeon a “stable state” of breast size and allow him/her to reduce the breast appropriately ( and match the contralateral side as much as possible). 

It would be a mistake to start a new type of birth control after your surgery and watch the breasts change in a unpredictable fashion.  It would also be a mistake to stop the birth control prior to surgery and experience a "oops" just before surgery.

I hope this helps.

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Effect of birth control on breast size

This is an excellent question.  You should discuss the hormonal effects of this method of contraception with your gynecologist.  If you do make a change, then I'd recommend waiting to see whether the size decreases as a consequence before proceeding.  However, if it very important to be on birth control at the time of surgery!

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