Are Tubular Breasts Hereditary?

I'm 21 years old and I think I have a tubular breast. I didn't know that until I saw some photos in the internet yesterday. They were exactly like my breast. I have a narrow base but it's somewhat long and there's asymmetry between both breasts. What are the causes of it? Is it hereditary? What can I do about it? It's really a nightmare for me.

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Are tubular breasts hereditary?

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This is an excellent question that I actually had to briefly look up. Interestingly I could not find any specific answer. This may require more detailed research. However, speaking from my experience, the vast majority of cases, especially the more severe forms, appear to be isolated and not inherited.

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Tuberous Breast Deformity

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It is not inherited and I have treated quite a few patients with this deformity. There are many different types from mild to severe. The deformity is secondary to developmental issues and mainly results from fibrous bands that develop around the breast tissue and inhibit its usualy growth.

This is a very difficult problem and you need to see a plastic surgeon that understands the issues and has treated these problems in the past.

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