Is It True when Black People Have Liposuction They're Left with a Visible Scar? (photo)

i was told once that the outcome of liposuction is different between white and black people black people are more to have a permanent scaring than white people i also had a baby 3 years ago I've got a little bit of loose skin and some visible stretch-marks I've always wanting to have liposuction but because of what i heard i'm a bit hesitant of doing it please help me out i am very desperate to get my stomach flat again no diets are working for me

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Skin Type and Scarring

 Hello and thank you for your question and photos.  In your case, I would probably recommend a full tummy tuck as removing fat from the abdomen via liposuction would only contribute to more laxity in your skin.  The tummy tuck scar is far longer than any liposuction scar would be, so you would have to consider the trade-off.  The stretch marks above your belly button would not be completely removed; however, all the laxity below your umbilicus would be removed through the tummy tuck procedure.  In my practice, I ask for the patient to bring in their lowest pair of underwear or a low-rise bathing suit bottom to surgery with them so that I can do my best to make sure that the incision lies below what is seen when in these items of clothing.  That being said, whether you scar poorly or not, it can at least be hidden by the garment that you are wearing.  I hope this helps and good luck in your plastic surgery ventures!


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Skin Pigmentation and Scars of Cosmetic Surgery

It is inherently in accurate to generalize but since you went there, let's go for it. The real world is NOT one of clear cut, nay-nay, white vs. black answers. Instead, it is an ever changing prism of many colors. This is also the case with scarring.

Every single time a human is cut full thickness through the skin (VS a superficial scratch), the healing process will ALWAYS result in a PERMANENT visible scar. The extent of scarring and of visibility would depend on:
- HOW the injury weas made? (careful incision in OR VS jagged glass, for example)
- HOW it was repaired and by whom
- WHICH part of the body and in what direction the incision is placed. Plastic surgeons ALWAYS use the most hidden incisions and take all efforts to make sure that the trade-off of having a scar also is balanced by the least noticeable scar.
- the Darker the skin, the better the healin and potentially the more noticeable the scars.

When it comes to Liposuction we are talking about very short scars which look like those seen when a small mole was taken off by a Plastic surgeon (NOT frozen off by a Dermatologist). If you are not willing to trade a much better shape for a few short scars maybe you should not have Cosmetic Surgery like Liposuction.

Peter A Aldea, MD
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Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Scars from liposuction

There are certain skin types that may be more prone to bad scarring and African types certainly are in that category. The best way to tell is to look at scars in the same area. That being said liposuction only removes fat, it can make your skin looser and will not improve stretch marks.

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Is It True when Black People Have Liposuction They're Left with a Visible Scar?

The photos are not helpful, poorly taken or posted. In certain skin types the risks of hypertrophic and/or keloid scarring is higher. Usually a family or self history helps determine this. Best to discuss in person with the chosen lipo surgeon. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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